Know the differences between chocolate and cacao for diet

If you are a dessert lover, you should certainly know several differences between chocolate and cacao. All this so that you don’t let yourself be lied to instantly enjoy those evening cravings that make you fall into temptation.

There are different types of chocolates, but not all are advantageous due to the amount of sugar and other additives that do not strengthen health. Cacao is one of the essential ingredients used to prepare the world’s richest chocolates.

Many people believe that cacao and chocolate are the same things, but only far from reality and for this reason we are going to show the essential properties of each of them. Not forgetting the differences between the two and thus you can choose which one to consume while you want to lower those extra kilograms.

What is cacao and why include it in your diet?

Cacao is the raw material of chocolate, it wants to say that the grains of this bitter and edible acid is the basis of your favorite sweet. It is basically cultivated in Africa but it is really well grown in tropical environments. Among the properties this foodstuff provides, we have:

  • Antioxidant.
  • Provides the organism with a high magnesium content.
  • Thanks to anandamide, it has the capacity to regulate the mood in those who consume it. This may be helpful when changing diets or if you are suffering from depression.

It’s ideal for regulating blood sugar, which will help if you’re losing weight.

Cacao is a great option to add to your snacks or morning meals. Now let’s find out what the differences between chocolate and Cacao are so that you can choose the best option when enjoying your diet.

Eating a good piece of chocolate and having remorse of conscience every time you eat it, is the day after day of each and every one of those who decides to make a diet. But open your eyes wide so that you know it’s the best way to get rid of those extra pounds.

Pay attention to the next few properties:

  • It has the ability to thrive mood as it contains flavonoids that stimulate the production of serotonin. – So you feel depressed, sad or in a bad mood, a little bit of chocolate will be the solution to this inconvenience.
  • It activates the energy thanks to the small doses of caffeine and theobromine it contains in its interior.
  • By using dark chocolate you will give your body that anti-inflammatory touch to remove toxins from your body. Of course, it is! That you should continue a balanced diet, exercise and not exceed the consumption of that rich pecadillo.
  • By having chocolate polyphenols antioxidant chocolate, it has the ability to increase good cholesterol and lower the bad. One more reason to include it in your diet.

Differences between chocolate and cacao

You can see that the two foods help your body when you’re on balanced, healthy nutrition.

However, be aware of the substantial differences between the two:

You should know that chocolate comes from Cacao, at the same time that it comes from a plant that is born in tropical places.

The cacao itself is very bitter, while the chocolate is always dark and at all times will have a touch of sweetness by the fact that it is linked to milk, nuts, Cacao butter. And in this process, a product that is considerably more compatible with the palate is achieved.

When the Cacao is not chemically processed it becomes considerably richer in antioxidants and vitamins than cranberries. At the same time, chocolate has less quantity.

Finally, chocolate has a little more calories than Cacao because it contains Cacao butter, milk, sugar that increase its fat content.

It is essential to take into account the differences between chocolate and Cacao when introducing them into your diet to lose weight. Always and at all times it should be consumed in moderation and give you the pleasure of not torturing yourself when you have an anxiety attack.

What is cacao and why include it in your diet?

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