What are nootropics and what can they do for you?

The term for nootropics is “smart drugs– which means legal substances designed to influence the activity of the human brain. These substances must be of natural origin or they should be at least as similar to natural substances as possible. One of the most important features is that these substances are not addictive. As I said before, these substances are intended to influence and expand the activity of the brain and that is why they are also called brain nutrients.nootropics what are they

What are smart drugs?

Brain nutrients are also called smart drugs. This term is not very fortunate, since the term drug is misleading and creates associations with something dangerous and potentially deadly. Brain nutrients and neurotransmitters are substances that either directly or after digestion enter the brain and influence the quality of nutrition of neurons or activate their work activity or possibly replenish their levels to optimal levels. It is necessary for a perfect activity.

The concept and term of nootropics (substances in general jargon, called smart drugs) was first introduced in 1972 by E.C Giurgeou, head of research at the Belgian company, who introduced piracetam( one of the most well-known substances) on the market. The main fields of application are the expansion of the study process, improving the storage of information, facilitating the flow of information between the two hemispheres and increasing brain protection and nutrition.

It is assumed that smart drugs can work in one of two main ways: either by increasing blood flow to the brain, or by promoting neurotransmitter levels. That is why it is believed that they play a role in learning and memory. We can divide smart drugs in two general drugs: nootropics and nutrients.

What are nootropics intended for? Nootropics are intended rather for immediate use with rather short effects, while nutrients have long time effect (probably months or weeks).

Smart drug enhancements

It is proven that the best smart drugs are those that nourish the brain and promote its good functioning over time. At present there are many products that are offered as smart drugs. It is important to be well advised before you fall into temptation and buy the first one you find. The best smart drugs are those that have quality assurance and you can find many testimonials from people who have already tried them. If you want a smart drug that is known as the best that would definitely be Brain Plus IQ. It is made of natural products and it has no side effects.

There are very good smart drugs that can be bought through the internet at good prices, with the convenience of not having to leave home. These products are very good as long as they have their quality guarantee. Either way you can consult in forums to get in touch with other people who are consuming them to give you more information that they had to take those pills.

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